Communication & Feedback Coaching

Executive at a State-Funded Non-Profit


State-Funded Non-Profit

90 employees

Length of Project

12 weeks initially

Then, ongoing monthly for more than a year


Organizational Conflict Analysis

One-on-one Coaching

Our Team

1 Facilitator

1 Coach

The Context

A valuable, long-time executive at a state-funded non-profit organization was experiencing increasing communication challenges with coworkers. Two complaints had been filed by separate individuals who reported major problems working with the executive. They suggested he was difficult to approach, quick to escalate the conversation, and was harsh and too direct with his communication style. The company suggested he seek out communication coaching, and the executive was eager to receive help.

Our Approach

The company signed up their executive for our 12-week Peacebuilder’s Program, aimed at improving conflict management and communication skills. Our Conflict and Communication Coach began with a 360-degree assessment, sending an anonymous survey to seven of the executive’s coworkers that measured their perceptions of his communication style and leadership effectiveness. The results were compared with the executive’s self-assessment to find discrepancies between the executive’s self-perception and the perception of coworkers. The discrepancy areas along with notes provided in the anonymous surveys help our coach develop a customize coaching program. Some improvement areas indicated included:

  • Giving and receiving feedback more effectively
  • Building better relationship and greater trust with coworkers
  • Learning to manage emotions and de-escalate difficult conversations
  • Learning validation techniques to build rapport and approachability


  • Post-program 360 assessments revealed a 46% improvement average across assessment areas, as perceived by coworkers.
  • Open-ended questions in post-program surveys indicated far fewer issues with the executive.
  • The executive reported better relationships and greater job and life satisfaction.
  • The executive signed up for ongoing monthly coaching after the program.

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