Why is PPS Different Than Other Conflict Resolution Firms?

Our Unique, 360-Degree Process

When you work with Pollack Peacebuilding, you’re not simply engaging with a single consultant. Rather, you benefit from the combined expertise and elite client service of a full team along every step of the change process—from design to facilitation through peacebuilding and ever-evolving organizational optimization.

Every client that works with PPS to bring more peace and productivity to their organization first works with our Peace Process Designer to develop a process that will most successfully serve your unique and complex needs. Next, our Peace Process Facilitator and one of our Peacebuilders will help implement that design by conducting the program and fostering your company’s success.

We Are Specialists, Not Generalists

What makes PPS different than most conflict resolution firms is our core focus on rebuilding relationships and improving organizational productivity through workplace peacebuilding efforts. We do not handle divorce, financial, or other forms of legal mediation or dispute resolution; we solely concentrate on coworker relationship mediation, sometimes called transformative mediation or facilitated dialogue, as well as organizational training, coaching, and intervention.

That means we focus on relationship and trust building to help companies find peace BEFORE they have to find a way to separate. We are workplace conflict specialists.

Our Large, Diverse Team of Experts

What makes PPS especially unique is our diverse team of peacebuilding experts around the country, all stemming from different backgrounds, professional experiences, and academic training. Most mediation consultancies are not composed of researchers, psychotherapists, HR professionals, and conflict experts, all learning from each other the latest trends and best practices in the field. Most dispute resolution firms do not have a roster of experts from diverse cultural backgrounds. We do. And with more than 30 workplace peacebuilders, coaches, and trainers in the U.S. (and growing), PPS can scale to fit the needs of any size project.

Working at a conflict resolution firm

We Stay Up-to-Date With the Latest Research

Most consultancies follow archaic organizational development (OD) and mediation practices that seem stale and under-leveraged. Most consultants do not stay updated with the most recent research. On the contrary, PPS follows the latest methodologies and practices, based on empirical research, in the field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Part of our team includes researchers and writers who review the latest published research each week and determine key takeaways for our peacebuilders to apply in the field. We utilize empirically-supported best practices in organizational psychology; plus, we take methods that have traditionally been employed in international arenas and creatively implement them in organizational settings.

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From the Founder on Why PPS is different than most conflict resolution firms:

Jeremy, leader of this conflict resolution firm
PPS Founder Jeremy Pollack

“I try to use the term ‘conflict’  or even refer to the practice of “conflict resolution“ as little as possible when speaking with clients. Because I don’t like to focus on the problem, and I don’t just want to treat the symptoms of some particular situation. I would much rather address the systemic causes of disharmony within the individuals or culture.

“I believe my job as a peacebuilder is to help individuals and therefore their relationships transform. I aim to help people transform the way they interact and communicate, the way they feel about one another, and the way they feel about themselves. So, instead of viewing the situation as a problem or ‘conflict’, I see the situation as an ‘opportunity’ for growth, wisdom, and skill-building. Through the process of transformative mediation or coaching, we help individuals relate to themselves in a more caring way, relate to each other with greater peace and understanding, and gain the skills necessary to more effectively navigate their relationships both at home and at work, with friends and family as well as with colleagues and neighbors.

“That’s why I think what we do is different than most traditional conflict resolution firms or mediation services. Our intention and focus are on building the tools for lasting peace, for optimizing relationships, and for harnessing wisdom. The goal is that all of our clients’ relationships, not just the ones involved in this particular situation, are more satisfying and peaceful and that, in general, they feel more fulfilled and at peace in life.”

– Jeremy Pollack


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