conflict resolution consultantFrom the Founder on Why PPS is different than most conflict resolution firms:

"Actually, I try to use the term 'conflict'  or even refer to the practice of “conflict resolution“ as little as possible when speaking with clients. Because I don't like to focus on the problem, and I don’t just want to treat the symptoms of some particular situation. I would much rather address the systemic causes of disharmony within the individuals or culture.

"I believe my job as a peacebuilder is to help individuals and therefore their relationships transform. I aim to help people transform the way they interact and communicate, the way they feel about one another, and the way they feel about themselves. So, instead of viewing the situation as a problem or 'conflict', I see the situation as an 'opportunity' for growth, wisdom, and skill-building. Through the process of transformative mediation or coaching, I help individuals relate to themselves in a more caring way, relate to each other with greater peace and understanding, and gain the skills necessary to more effectively navigate their relationships both at home and at work, with friends and family as well as with colleagues and neighbors.

"That’s why I think what we do is different than most traditional conflict resolution firms or mediation services. Our intention and focus are on building the tools for lasting peace, for optimizing relationships, and for harnessing wisdom. The goal is that all of our clients' relationships, not just the ones involved in this particular situation, are more satisfying and peaceful and that, in general, they feel more fulfilled and at peace in life."

- Jeremy Pollack

Our unique approach to Peacebuilding

Peace starts within!
Whether we are consulting with an individual or an organization, first thing's first: We must do our best to assure that peace exists within the system. Once we address how conflict is disrupting the individual or organization internally, we can then focus on a variety of areas to address its relationships with other parties.

What makes PPS different than most conflict resolution firms is our unique academic background mixed with real world experience. Most organizational development practitioners and mediators do not have advanced training in Anthropology and Psychology. Most do not have one-on-one experience with personal counseling. Most do not have backgrounds in statistical analysis and psychology research methods. Most follow age old organizational development (OD) practices that seem stale and under-leveraged. That’s where PPS differs.

The 6-Needs System™

Our unique approach to conflict resolution and peacebuilding, whether it be within or between individuals, organizations, or communities, is framed through a paradigm of basic human needs. Led by anthropologist Jeremy Pollack, we apply basic human needs (BHN) theory to both individual and organizational analysis and intervention methods in a way that has not been done previously.

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