Study Explores Relationship Between Conflict Management Strategies and Organizational Performance

December 23, 2019by Noah Shaw

Summary of:

Nneka, A., “Conflict management and organizational performance: A study of selected breweries in the south east Nigeria” (2019). International Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship. 1-22.

Background & Theory:

The increasingly intricate and complicated nature of day-to-day organizational operations easily allows for the infiltration of conflict. The inevitability of conflict in the workplace often requires the use of conflict management strategies such as negotiation, joint consultation, collective bargaining, and alternative dispute resolution. This study examines the effectiveness of these conflict management strategies on organizational performance.


Research was completed to answer the following question:

  1. What is the relationship between the conflict management strategies (negotiation, joint consultation, collective bargaining, and alternative dispute resolution) and organizational performance?


Primary research was completed with the use of secondary research as supporting data. The methodology of the study relied on a basic survey research design. Data were procured from a sample of 618 employees from five Nigerian breweries. Data taken were then analyzed using frequency tables and percentage analysis. A regression analysis was undertaken to test the various hypotheses formed using SPSS Version 21.


The results indicated the existence of a significant positive relationship between all four conflict management strategies and organizational performance. Based on secondary research, organizational performance data was taken and analyzed using subjective measures that could be carried out via benchmark across the organization. This being said, negotiation, joint consultation, collective bargaining, and alternative dispute resolution all had a significant relationship with the subjective organizational performance data.

What We Can Learn:

Looking over this study, we can take away this key insight:

  • The adoption of conflict management strategies like negotiation, joint consultation, collective bargaining, and alternative dispute resolution can positively lead to higher organizational performance. This being said, one should not take these strategies lightly, as they can seriously benefit employees, management, and the organization as a whole.

Final Takeaways

For Consultants: Implementing methods of dealing with conflict is helpful advice for organizational management seeking positive change in their organization. Consultants would do well to keep this in mind when assisting organizations.

For Everyone: Wrapping your mind around even only one conflict management strategy can be beneficial to improving interpersonal conflicts, especially at work.

Noah Shaw

Noah is the Peace Operations Coordinator at Pollack Peacebuilding Systems and holds a Master's in Dispute Resolution from the Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law.

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