Maria Eugenia Carvajal, M.A. - Conflict Resolution Expert, Miami, FL

Maria Eugenia Carvajal, M.A.“Communication is part of everyday life for every one of us. Whether in business or personal settings, we all have to communicate with each other. The trouble starts when communication becomes difficult and a source of conflict. Even when people have the best intentions, we can all fail to communicate well. This is where I can help.”

Having worked for 20 years in the corporate world, managing demanding clientele and leading in coaching and training efforts for many of her peers in different departments, including in her role at American Express, Maria developed a natural, patient attitude and method that facilitates teaching new skills rapidly in a simple manner. Through her work, she learned to de-escalate conflict in a calm, successful, and productive manner, helping employees and leaders create more efficient, productive, and satisfying relationships.

Maria holds an M.A. in Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution from Nova Southeastern University and is a certified mediator through the Florida Supreme Court. She is also fluent in Spanish.

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